using 2 key pressed condition

hi im new in gdevelop and i want to use it for my game .i want to when i press “j” the character use sword(animated before) and when i press “s” character move with sword and if i pressed “k” character put his sword down and after that if i pressed “s” character move without sword so here is the problem just one of this conditions are work if i press “s” cahracter move and if i press “j” character use sword but if i use “s” again character move without sword can anyone help me in this(coding i mean or everything :question: :question: :question: ) and srry for bad english :exclamation: :smiley:

I don’t know if i understand it right, but maybe you should keep on a variable if the character has his sword out or down.
Maybe if you could put the code it would be easier :smiley:

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very ty helped a lot :sunglasses: