Using an APK file the game exists

Hi everyone,
Thanks in advance for your help!!

I have my game almost finished but and it works very well, but when I exported the game in an APK file in a mobile phone I could notice that in a specific scene when I click on a button to trigger an action, the game exits. For me, it´s really strange because when I test the game on the Web and using the preview of the scene I don`t have any issue.

Thank you very much, my mother tongue isn’t English, sorry for the spelling mistakes.

Hi Miguel do you speak Spanish or Italian or Portuguese, I ask because the translation is not accurate so I can not understand what is the issue you’re having.
Plus do some basic check in your game before you build the APK.

  • Test in Preview with Debugger and enable the Developer console and check there is no errors there.
  • Go to Game settings → Resources and remove all unused assets like, images, fonts and sounds.

If you want take a screenshot of your Developer console and post here so we can see what possibly happening.

Thank you very much, I`ll try what you said.


I took into consideration your suggestions and they were really helpful.

First, I used the Debugger and found some errors which are solved now.
Second, I checked the “Resources” of the game and I could see that I had many assets that weren`t used, they were deleted.
I consider the most interesting part was when I deleted the unused assets and my APK file shortened, at the beginning they were almost 100 Mb, after the deleting process the file is 35 Mb.

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