Using API to change sprite

Hello, sorry I couldn’t find the answer on my own. With the gdevelop API is it possible to change the sprites? for example automatically change the images of the main character through the API is it possible? Then is it possible to validate and download an android version directly by the API? many thanks for your reply and gdevelop in general

I think you are talking about how to control the spirit through JS and how to control the game update, right

hello, in fact I thought I read in the documentation that there was a gdevelop api. So I would like to know if it is possible to manage sprites through the API. For example, link google drive and gdevelop to automate the creation of games: as soon as a folder is created in google drive it changes the sprites in gdevelop and it creates the android game. Sorry I don’t have a tech profile so I think I’m using the wrong phrases.

The GDevelop javascript API called GDJS is only available in the JSevent inside the eventsheet.
GDJS is used in background of the visual events.

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I’m not sure what you mean. I’m sorry I can’t help you any more

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any update, do you have luck done it?

Edit: This thread is being reopened as the API question is still valid for the current version of GDevelop. Sorry for the confusion all!

Hello @mariocc17
You can check this javascript example to understand how to load an image/ change the sprite with the GDevelop API:

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