Using audio input as a trigger in GDevelop

I use GDevelop to make a game for testing students memory of guitar chords: the game shows the name of a chord and the student has to play it, there is a timer running and after the game has finished the accumulated time is the student’s score. Currently it’s up to the teacher to stop the timer but I’d really like it if the game could use audio input to stop the timer and thought I’d found the solution with the “Microphone extension” tutorial on the forum which uses an extension made by arthuro555 but on further investigation I’ve found out it was dismissed as it didn’t work on mobile devices.
Is there any hope of me implementing this some other way? Or should I put this in a feature request board?

Thanks for any help

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Hi and welcome.
If you really need a feature, your best bet is to offer a bounty for it.
Aside from that, I’ve moved your post to the #gdevelop-general:feature-requests

Good luck on your project.