Using External Layouts for Game Pause Dialog Boxes

How to use External Layouts for multiple scenes. I am new to Gdevelop and I am modifying and extending the Bike Hill Demo.

I want to use the External Layout System to prepare Pause Dialog box in all the different Scenes/Levels in the game.

I have 2 Scenes as 2 Levels.

Please Suggest if I need to make my game in a different way.

Create the layout, and add your objects to it, moving them to a layer named like the layout.
Make your objects global (or you’ll have to add them to all the scenes where you need them).
Then you can load your layout in any scene and hide/show the layer as you like.

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How do you do that. Can you Please Explain.:thinking:

Right-click on an object in the list of objects (scene/layout editor).

Yeah, I got it!