Using GDevelop Templates

Hi guys, I’m not much of a coder but I can theme a game and do the graphics. Is it okay to use the GDevelop templates and change the graphics and call it my own? I can credit the coder. Is this okay?

Yes. Its okay to do that.

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You can as in the license allows it, even without crediting anyone else, but whether it is your work or not literally speaking or ethical is debatable. GDevelop is made for people that are not much of a coder, and really isn’t that hard. You can make your own thing easily, without coding, you have the means to. Do you really need to appropriate yourself someone else’s work?

Thanks for your comment. I will probably learn to code down the track, but the template/graphics change helps me get started and to show others my work progressively. Is that still okay?

The is it ok part was already answered.