Using JS all the time

Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to using JS to create objects, adding animations and all functions without using the interface.

However, using GDEVELOP on a simple code editor with libraries is not possible, isn’t it?

Thanks in advance!

Take a look on the platformer example, one platformer example is done with Javascript.

You need use GDJS, good stuff for start here.

You cannot yet import your js files with the editor, but you can use this solution for import your custom files.

Okay thanks but can you tell me how can I import all librairies (like a “script src”) on a editor with DOM please? To working exclusively outside and create all what I need without the framework.
It’s very difficult for me to find it.

However, in Gdevelop : is it possible to see a console.log on the tooldev window? Because it’s not working for me…

Yes it does work I use it all the time

That’s literally basic js. Just learn JavaScript.

It’s a new scene and nothing on the console except many alerts. :confused:

Okay, but problem are not to do a tag with src toward libraries, just to find URLs to link it. I understand that is not possible to do like Phaser so how to do that…?
I’m a novice is it true but I tryed during lot of hours to find it so please can you help me?

Yes, that’s because events are executed in game, not in the IDE. Open the inspector on the opened game and you will see it :wink:

You can use a cdn for that, like