Using spaces in names of objects

I’d like to ask for being able to using spaces in names of objects in scenes. You may tell me that this is not possible because of c++'s naming conventions. Well, I got that covered too. There’s inconsistency in naming conventions in GD. We can use spaces in names of scenes and it will work. We can use spaces in names of variables and it will work, so why not objects? Strange.

As for technical aspect, you can store objects in dictionary (those funny arrays indexed using strings for those of you who don’t know hoping 4ian know), as you probably do with variables and scene data. Now I don’t know if C++ support dictionaries directly, as I never needed them, but I’m pretty sure there is library or class for that available on the net in case it doesn’t.

We can use object’s name with space because of the expression parser, not because of the C++. It can’t recognize :

My super object.X()

How about

SceneObjects("My super object").X()

? Of course with previous syntax available for compatibility.

waw, it’s very long just to get an object.

You would be able to choose it visually just like you can choose visually variables. Or like you now choose objects in expression editor. The method of choosing objects would be same like now, it just would output different code into expression editor (though old syntax, ObjectName.value() would be still honored during compilation due to compatibility reasons)