Using tables/databases

I’m very new to Gdevelop but have some limited experience with Gamesalad from a few years ago.
I’d like to create a game which periodically requires the user to answer a series of questions correctly to carry on.
When I’ve done this in the past using Gamesalad I was able to use a table to hold the question and answer variables - but it looks as though there is no equivalent to this functionality, am I correct?

Can anyone recommend a potential source for a quiz template?
Also, if anyone know of any tutorials that cover combining two games together would be great

For “tables” I guess you can use Structure Variables. See Variables [GDevelop wiki]

Thanks for your response. It looks as though Structure variables will do what I need. If I understand the documentation correctly they are less easy to work with than tables but may be more flexible. My initial thoughts are that I’ll need sort out a work flow that stores my data as a table and outputs it as json for import into the game code. I see there are examples in the documentation for importing from data as json from a website and how to parse it - though I’m sure these will be well beyond my competence level at present.

Do you know of any existing quiz games made with Gdevelop, to see how they have done things?

I’ve watched a Youtube tutorial video where each quiz question option was hand coded for each question, which would be unworkable and I have template from but I’m yet to work out how to import this to see how it works.

If not all the logic has to be inside GDevelop - or, let’s say you are able to put it elsewhere, here’s what I’d do:

  • Install an RDBMS like MariaDB. Create the table you need.
  • Create a rest based webservice frontend that chooses a question and delivers it as JSON.
  • Create a game that just decides when to ask for the next question, retrieve that question via the webservice, prompt the user and evaluate the result.

This approach requires to have the website with the q&a database online but allows you to dynamically change/extend the questions that get asked. If you can detect the user you could even track which user answered which question. It could be even some kind of elearning application where GDevelop just represents the frontend.

Ah, and I think MongoDB would use JSON notation natively, so no need to extra invest in webservice programming. But you might see security issues putting a database on the web without further protection.