Using the same key press for different actions?

hello, I have two different firing modes for the player and I want to know how to change modes with the same key press? example tap Z key = fire mode 1 or hold Z key = fire mode 2

You probably want to use a timer in a separate event, with key released in your existing events.

So a separate event that is just “key pressed” and “trigger once” as conditions, with “reset scene timer charge” as the action.

Then one event with “key released” and “timer charge is greater than (yourdesiredtime for charged shot) seconds (Inverted)” as conditions, then whatever actions you want for your normal shot, along with pausing the timer.

Then a similar thing but do not invert the timer condition, with actions for your charge shot.


thanks solved! it was as simple as that :open_mouth:

I suppose you need to implement this code: