Using tweens to make a flashing effect

Hi, I’m trying to create a flashing effect for something, but the tweens (let alone any programs affecting the object) are working. I know it’s not related to my conditions, as the other events not related to the object play perfectly fine.
Non-Tween: The object won’t change size or have 0 opacity
Tween: Fade in and back doesn’t work
If anyone could help, please do

Please post additional informations.

you should add the “tween” behavior to every single object one by one, wich are you want to use tween animation.

  • I don’t understand the question too, just saying.

Here’s the events with the tween and stuff. I highly doubt any other events play into this, as everything else works perfectly fine.

I think this is related to this:

This won’t work as the second tween will battle with the first one for the control of the opacity. The first tween animate from opacity 0 to 255. The second tween will animate from opacity 0 to opacity 0. The second tween will probably be the last one applied at every frame, so opacity will stay to 0.

You cannot unfortunately chain tweens like that. I would recommend either animate by yourself the opacity using a variable or be sure to launch a tween and when the first tween if finished, then launch the second.

EDIT: I’ve renamed the thread, prefer to use titles “XXX is not working” only when you have a clear and simplified example that show an obvious bug in GDevelop - so that it’s faster for me to see what’s a bug to be fixed and what’s not/we’re not sure yet :slight_smile:

Okay, I figured it was that when I was doing stuff in GDevelop last night. If that’s the issue, then I’ll probably just set up a timer to play the second half of the animation.

Actually, I have another problem. I fixed the timing issue, but the animation won’t fade. It just skips to the set opacity. I tested to see if I was using too little time for the transition, but changing it to be longer didn’t help.

I also found out that it is not because there are two tweens (even though they now start at different times) as I have tested with only one tween in the events list.