Using Youtube logo

Hey, this may be off topic. But my wonder is:
Can i use Youtube logo in my game to link an Youtube vid on it?
It’s just a button that redirect user to a tutorial on Youtube about the game.

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I guess there’s a way to do that. Just search it on the events.

I know how to do that. My question is: Can I use the youtube logo in my game for this purpose?

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I guess it’s okay. Most of games have YouTube icon if they want to promote their channel. Not only in games but in other entertainment stuffs.

Thank you for your answer!

You can add an icon or an image of the YouTube logo and add with some event the possibility for that image to be clickable. Sure you can almost all games have this implemented.

There’s some restrictions and requirements about usage of the Youtube logo, including an approval process.

I’ve never heard of anyone being rejected, though:

Edit: To add some clarity, the above is usually only required if you are going to be selling your game or monetizing something within it.

Here an example

Thank you so much, guys!