UWP and Wii U export module

Now listen, I’m not a dum-dum. I know you can already port html5 to UWP and Wii U without the module, but here’s the thing.

As fast as it is turning your html5 game to a browser using the export button. There should be some sort of shortcut to porting a game to UWP and Wii U. Just like how clickteam fusion and construct did.

This is not important, but I also think that if you do not have the game controller extension then you would not be allowed to port to Xbox or Wii U.

Both require to install VS and after export open your project in VS and build UWP from there.
With GD the same thing. Export to HTML5 then open VS to build UWP from it.

But even if there was a way to automate the entire export and build process it would cost money to implement and maintain, how would you feel if you had to pay for the UWP export say $30? Would that be ok? And say $700 for the Wii U?