Variable Better Organization

I’ve been working with this program for a little while and I think its pretty awesome but it would be even more awesome to see GDevelop work on better organization and placement for all of the variables within the engine. I find it extremely cumbersome to work with scene variables and constantly having to go back through the hamburger menu or several button clicks to access the variables.

  1. Why not have scene variables always displayed in the scene either in the properties menu or on the other side? That way they’re always on screen, easily accessible and users could choose to hide the menu as well.

  2. We should be able to re-order all variables within the menu. The coder within me has been absolutely rioting that I can’t group my variables together as I want to or as makes sense for the code itself. It’s a minor issue but a ridiculously irritating one.

GDevelop overall is awesome! Great work.


I support you in this proposal, but I can suggest that you can use Shortcuts. In particular, to quickly access scene variables and global variables:


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Omg totally didn’t know that that existed and I will be using shortcuts religiously from now on. It would still be nice to have the variables displayed on the screen, but at least this eliminates me having to click through several different buttons every time.

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