Variable generator from the value of another variable

Hello, I would like to know if the option to create a variable from a obtained value could be implemented. This does not seem very useful, but in some video game where you have to save the position of 4000 objects, create 4000 variable manually, it is long. So I was thinking of implementing an action that saves new variables faster. An example would be a terraria type game, that the blocks are destructible, and the world does not restart every time you leave and enter. And to do something like that you would have to manually add one variable after another for block positioning.

In the block of events you use to create your 4 000 blocks, because I assume you won’t be doing that manually :wink: , you can add variable actions to modify variables. If the variables don’t exist at this moment, they’re created.
You will probably want to learn how to use structure variables at some point, with dynamic access. :slight_smile:
It’s a bit complex, but very useful!

Thanks, i will go to read it and later, i will go to try