Variable gets ignored when its combined with dialogue option

Hello together,

I try so write a nice timestamp on my savegames. It works fine, besides the minutes (and secs also) misses a zero, when the minutes are 1 to 9, from 10 on its fine of course, so I think to myself I will solve this via an condition. It works standalone, but NOT from a dialogue.

Here is the code:

Getting time

This works fine as an ingame clock is always visible

But NOT from a dialogue choice, that looks like this:

Just for Showcase, output will look like this

What I saw, if i deactivate ONE of the dialogue options, it will work. Or if I change the order of both, always the first one will trigger as if the second condition, the variable is completly ignored.
In the debugger, I see, the variable switch perfect from true to false with the secound it become 10:10 for example.

Any ideas?

Greetings from Hamburg