Variables, and random arrays

so I’m at a point in my game where I had items like armor and stuff and they have a flat armor rating but I want the items to be more versatile where the game picks from an array of variables and apply s those stats to one armor piece but have different stats for a different piece of the same armor

Can you be a bit more precise what is it that you need help with?

If my guess at what you’re after is correct, look into structure variables. Quite possibly a structure within a structure, so something like:

Okay so if youve ever play like a hack and slash youll know that items dont have specific stats for an example a sword that does 30 damage and 3+ to vitality drops but then you have the same sword that does 20 damage and 4+ to Dexitity. I want to impliment that but im not sure if i use what you said and use structure variables or if i use arrays which i believe is just a list. And how do structure variables work anyway