Variables not working

The variable PandaFail? isn’t working as intended. It simply doesn’t set the variable to 1, so the buttons Back2Menu and Retry don’t work. The conditions are being met, as It shows PauseMenu and PausesShade.

I’m not sure if this will work, but try moving the Trigger Once up and don’t make it a sub condition:

Although if you’re deleting the timer I’m not sure you need Trigger Once. You could also try setting the scene variable to “0” or something else “At the beginning of the scene”.

In general, it is strongly frowned upon to use special characters in variable names. You might remove the ? from the variable name to see if that helps.

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did you try to rename the variable?
did you look in the debugger to see if the value was changing? maybe still something else is causing the problem.

I looked in the debugger and the variable simply wouldn’t change.

Thanks I’ll try that tomorrow. I had no idea, i was always able to use it in python on scratch.

try not to delete the timer and put delete panda1 in the subevent in the last position.