Vertical Dash for a Platformer Character

I have a 2D platformer character with the PlatformerObject behaviour. I want to add a vertical dash mechanic to the player, but using tweens or the Add Force to Object moves the player up but doesn’t keep the momentum of the dash; it sort of abruptly stops and then falls back down.

How would I make it so that after the dash ends, the upwards momentum carries over and the player naturally falls back down? I think if I didn’t use PlatformerObject behaviour and just built the movement from scratch it might work, but I want to be able to use things like IsOnFloor and using the behaviour is far simpler for me.

Thank you for reading please help me I am very dumb and very confused.

Just use dash extension

How about changing jump speed height or whatever platformer settings you have there i do not remember
FOR WHEN you are performing a dash up
And instead of dash up you would simulate jump for it to work

As ZeroX4 said, you can make the character jump again, or if you plan on making a game around the concept of momentum and conservation of it, you should consider using the physics engine instead of the platformer behaviour.

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Thank you for your replies. I think I will take your advice to use a physics engine instead of using a platformer behaviour. Again thanks for your help!