Very noob question

Im just getting started using GDelevop and I can’t solve this issue.

I have just created a maze and added my character, but I can’t stop him from going throw the maze walls when moving my keyboard arrow keys, but when I move him with my mouse it doesn’t go through walls, even though I wish to play the game with the arrow keys. Can anoyone help me?

Use the separate action.
In this action you would have to set the object which would move and the object which would not move.
Maze would not move and your player would.

In some situations you could use the platform behaviour, but based on your description of the game you are making I would recommend you try the separate action.

in the events section?

yeah. go into the events for your scene and in a new event click add action, go under the behaviors for all objects thingy, go into position and click separate objects