Video not working

When I put a video object in my GDevelop 5 project, it didn’t work or even give any signs of work. It doesn’t even show a black screen, it just shows whatever is underneath the video object, like the object doesn’t even exist. The video type is an MP4, and it’s about 57 seconds long. Also, there’s no audio in the preview, even though the video has audio. So it’s basically like the video isn’t even there. Please help.

Which codec you use ?
Have you read the warning in the object video? I believe I you.
Let’s start with the wiki on top on this forum and search the page about video :wink:

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How do I find out if the video is in the H.264 file format, and with the AAC audio format…?
And if it isn’t, how do I convert it to these formats?

In a proper video player like VLC or MPC-HC, open the video and open the Properties of the video.

Ok, thanks! Can I also convert it using VLC?

I don’t think so. I use HandBrake to convert videos.

VLC does have a ‘convert’ section that can export in many ways.

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