Video playback issues

Issue 1: I’m having trouble documented in an old forum post where attempting to play a video when starting a scene sometimes loads the audio, but not video and sometimes just crashes gdevelop completely.

The solution recommended in the forum was to add a scene timer that delays the start of the video at least a quarter second from the start of the scene.

Would a wait command be fundamentally different from a timer? I assume wait still allows things like loading a video to continue, but wasn’t sure. (The audio only bug only appears once every 20-30 tests, and the full crash maybe once in a hundred so its very hard to test what is working.)

Issue 2: If i leave a scene before the video finishes, then return to the scene, the video picks up where it left off. I’ve tried checking the “stop any paused scenes” before returning to the scene with the video, but it would still pick up where it left off (or not load the video or freeze). My solution was: at the start of the scene with the video, to pause the video, then wait .25 seconds then change the time of the video to .1, then wait a full second, then play the video.

This works to force the video to start at the beginning and together with the additional .25 second wait at the start of the scene seems to stop the “only play audio” issue for videos, but I can’t confirm whether it stops the outright crashes yet. I can’t help wonder if this is a clever workaround or I just don’t understand the correct way to do this. Given that so few other people face this issue, I guess the main answer I’m hoping for is: Is the Wait command fundamentally different than a scene timer+moving all the playback instructions into their own actions?