[Video Player] Gray video player when changing scene

Hi, I’ll just cut down to the problem:

This is the event I use to end the game, a simple video object and a “quit” when it ends. Unfortunately, I only got 2 possible outcome:

  1. When I try to open the scene itself, I only get a black screen with no sounds

  2. When I try to change scene between one and the ending, I get the audio but no video at all

I don’t know why though, and I would like to fix it because it’s for my graduation project and I want to add as much polish as possible. Thanks in advance.

At first glance on your screen the first line is wrong because you haven’t read the warnings about the video object present when you setup the object himself.
You must read the the infos bubbles on wiki page.
The video object need the exact tech spec.

If you want test your video you can open the video example in GD and change the file on the video object for play your own video. If your video run in the example, the video can be read in your game.
Just respect the warnings about this object.