Video Tutorial - How to display player score on screen

A video tutorial I made on how to show player score on screen. …

If anyone has feedback on how I can improve this tutorials, that is appreciated.

Really nice!
I’ve made a post on GD Facebook page about it, and I’ll tweet about it soon too :mrgreen:

Judging from video I should probably update my GD (I think I’m still on 2.x, lol). It looks so much better now! Anyway great tutorial. Useless for me as I know how to do that, but will help some people who are just starting with GD.

Perhaps we should have sticky with all tutorials (video and not) for easy access? Or better yet, a Wiki page that is index for tutorials.

Go upgrading nooooow! :mrgreen:

You can look here: … /tutorials :slight_smile:

I think a sticky at the top of this sub-forum would be very helpful too.

I used this. It’s great. I also created one with a button to count down. How can I keep the number from going into a negative state? Is there and “add action” that can run and equation like: IF VariableString(score) <= 0 THEN 0

Of course I figure it out right after I post … I was closer than I thought.

I built a “zero_score” variable and set it to 0
set a condition where if score was less than 0
add action to set the score to 0

I hope people make more step by step video tutorial of simple game completly (for example “flappy bird” and other simple game).