Viewable area vs screen area

I am trying gDevelop for the first time but I am having a problem that I cannot figure out. In my platformer scene I placed a platform in the very left side bottom corner of the viewable rectangle. Then I placed a player on top of the platform. When I preview the scene the platform and player are half way up the screen and in the center of the screen. How do you set it up so that when you preview or run the game the platform and player are at the bottom left corner of the screen. I am guessing that the viewable area has to be set to the size of the screen area but I can’t find out how to do this. My screen resolution is 1280 x 720. Any suggestions?


You can turn the mask that shows you the game area size in the main menu.
Second, check the game settings for the playable area in your game, as well as your game screen orientation.
Check the X and Y values for both, the player and the platform.
Be sure you are not using a center camera on object, or use center camera on object withing limits

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It is not entirely clear what you mean. Here is an example of the location of objects on the scene and their display in the preview window:

There are functions that change the position of the camera. You may have added the appropriate behavior. I advise you to watch the tutorial on creating a platformer, there is a description of how to work with the camera.

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What @oscuridad666 is referring to is:



Thanks. Much more easier with images

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Changing the camera to “within limits” seems to have resolved the issue.
Thanks a bunch!

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