Viewport expressions

I have dyslexia on top of that i have ADHD it is hard for me to remember concentrate and even name properly certain stuff
Prime example from few mins ago

I should say “if you CENTER camera on PLAYER on Layer B”
I really have problems even describing such a simple thing just because of i do know what i meant but end user may not know what exactly to choose in actions/conditions

So i will always opt in for any streamlining addition to gdevelop
And today is my idea for CameraWidth SceneWindowWidth and other expressions related to it

I know one of them is what i am asking for but i do not ask for plain duplicate but for a easy to remember name
Which logically would do what most users want to achievie
Imagine ViewportWidth() ViewportHeight() ViewportBorderLeft() ViewportCenterX() and so go on

Where it would be easy to understand what is Viewport since 1st thing that should come to your mind is what you exactly see

I remember someone (I think Silver-Streak) explained to me difference between CameraHeight and SceneWidnowHeight
I DO NOT remember the difference but i know only one of the is what i want to use in the end

So how about we get expression for simply ViewportSOMETHING()
Even if it is a copy of other expressions
It would be as easy to understand as it gets
Because WTF is CameraHeight?
Is it what i see or is it on some specific layer and what if i have some zoom on it?
And then what is SceneWindowHeight?
Window what? does it not mean Screen? And yeah there is ScreenHeight()
And what if i have game in fullscreen?
I go with SceneWindowHeight or Camera or Screen?

How about i just go with ViewportHeight()
Which would be height of what i see
Easy to understand easy to remember easy to use

I am just not so sure if it would be such easy to add if there are things like
Angle of layer or camera zoom and stuff
Idk how it would work then but in the end
VIEWPORT exactly what you see and that is exactly what ppl coming to discord for help in positioning something in center of screen want

I mean they do not know they want Viewport expression they could use
But they want to place something FOR EXAMPLE in exact center of what they see in their game where it would be
ViewportHeight/2 -Object.Height()/2
ViewportWidht/2 - Object.Width()/2
As simple as that