Virtual Keyboard android

How can do Virtual Keyboard on android for enter text like on computer

It’s impossible atm sorry

So, I cant use Text Entry Object with Android Game?

Exactly we can’t use this Object with mobile :confused:

it’s really horrible. they must quickly solve this problem, can be with some lines javascript codes. how can use this file?

Maybe this is old but if anyone needs it. The extension in zip file is .gdg.
You can open this file in Gdevelop 4.

  • Search on web and download that version of GDevelop.
  • Now you can open gdg file.
  • Copy/paste commands in GDevelop 5, it is similar…


@Bouh also made an extension for that that might work better :eyes:

I tried, it is still buggy and for me this solution is better, especially If you use gamepads… :slight_smile: