Visual name for object

LDtk has a pretty cool way to inform what type of object you have in the editor, you could have this implementation in Gdevelop:

We could, in this case, be able to select the name of the object or the animation it is in (name obviously).

So that it doesn’t become as polluted as many will think, there could be an option to disable the name balloon.

I apologize if this already exists in gdevelop, but if it already exists, it’s something I’ve never seen, at least there’s never been any tips on how to use it!

EDIT: Although the implementation of LDtk will come in the future, and this feature exists in it, I still think it’s something nice to have in GD

Games that doesn’t use tile maps can have a lot of objects for the background, but I guess something like this could be activated per layer.

Otherwise, what do you think about an highlighting in the scene of the hovered object of the list?

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Interesting your point.

A Highlight on the list would be interesting too. But this nameplate could be just for objects, because tiles wouldn’t be interesting because it’s level design