Visual Novel Style Choices using Yarn

Hey. Does anyone know or have a idea of how to make visual novel style options in Gdevelop 5?

I know how to implement them normally in yarn but I want to make them so that I can click or touch the button with the option and move and run the selected node.

Any help is appreciated.

Hmm, you write “if cursor touch is on button 0, if left click or touch is released, select option #0”, and same for button 1/2/3.
Let us know if/where you get stuck.

Thanks it helped to get my ideas straight.

This is what I made and it worked. It cost me a few hour of work but is done.
I use a few text objects to see if the option was changing and for confirming the selection I use a scene variable and an expression “select option has changed”. If you use this expression without a variable it will always use option #0.

Hope it helps others out there wanting to do a Visual Novel.