Waiting for an animation to end


I recently discovered GDevelop and its potential but I’m facing a issue:
I have a object which have some animations set to it.

When I click somewhere on the screen, a fire animation should play. If I stay clicked, the animation is repeated multiple times in a loop. But in order to keep the animation smooth, I need the animation to finish its loop before being switched back to the idle animation. So, theoretically, if I click the mouse for 1 frame, the animation should play all its 8 frames and go back to the idle position without hiccups…

But I don’t know how to do that. I tired to set up timers and a while loop but it doesn’t work, it makes the animation unable to play. I don’t really understand the logic of the event editor, I’m more used to actually script stuff (python 3) but I have no knowledge in JS, so…

The last thing I tried was this:

But it doesn’t work:
When I click once, the animation is played in a infinite loop. If I click a second time, it stops. If I click a third time, the animation starts but stops as soon as I stop to hold down the click, and jumps back to the idle animation…

Can you help me ?

I see much wrong stuff here. First why do you use a variable, you can directly use the animation expression to get the animation being played. I will mirror what I mean in python to make it easier for you to understand:
Using a variable here is like doing

if sprite.animation == 1:
    condition = True
    condition = False
if condition:
    # rest of the code

Your entiere code looks also wrong. Look at this Python transcript:

# by default fire_annimation is false
timer = rambo_gedeon.get_timers()["fire_annimation_timer"]
if mouse.pressed():
    fire_annimation = True
if mouse.released() and scene.get_timers()["fire_annimation_timer"].running_since_at_least(0.3):
    fire_annimation = False
if fire_annimation:

Now the correct python code would be:

#animation is not set on looping
if mouse.pressed():
if rambo_gedeon.anim_finished() and rambo_gedeon.anim == 1:
    # replay the anim
    # if the mouse is no more pressed change the anim back to idle
    if not mouse.pressed():

No need for timers here, so I threw them out. I can first reset the anim and then change it back to 1 without hiccups as the event sheet is entirely executed before drawing each frame. Now it’s up to you to translate the python back to events :slight_smile:

Thanks for your explanations with Python syntax. I really appreciate it. Makes me think that I should take notes, it would be easier than just guessing, it just makes the thing even more messed up.

While writing this answer, I realized there’s a “finished animation” condition. I feel stupid now. lol

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There is no problem in not knowing every single action and condition. Did you ever learn a library’s documentation and learn it to know the entire API? Nobody does that and that’s normal. Don’t hesitate to mention me (@arthuro555) if you have an issue again :wink:

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