Wall jumping on certain blocks

How do I make my player only jump off of certain walls im using a wall jump extension

There is action to de/activate behaviors
Simply deactivate it when player is in collision to some walls and activate when he is not in collision with these walls

IF you are using same object for all walls

Then simply either give them instance variables or create fake wall which you put where you want your player to WJ and hide that object at beginning of scene

Tried it but when I make one wall on and the other off it makes both walls not walljumpable or if I switch it around now both are walljumpable


I duplicated platform on which player starts
Moved one to the left and one to the right from player
I give one on the left string variable named Variable and put 1 in text
On the right gets string variable named Variable with 2 in text

And then i simply did this

I say it works pretty well

Idk what I’m doing wrong I followed exactly what you did and still it doesn’t work

Did you mess up player or platform1 collision mask?
Walljump behavior don’t like custom collision masks

Maybe I did make my players hitbox smaller…I changed the collision mask back to default and it works now but now the collision mask is too big for my character