Wall jumping/Sliding animations

Hi, So I have been fiddling with wall jumping animations in a 2D platformer and have hit an issue I can’t seem to get to work.

So I can get my character to jump to a wall and it will switch to wall grab/slide sprite. This sprite will remain in place while player object slides down the wall until it comes to the ground where it switches to idle. This works for both orientations as in wall on the right or left.

My issue is if my player object is high up and jumps from one wall in slide sprite to another without touching the floor it will not switch to the wall slide sprite on the opposite wall and goes in to the fall sprite. I have tried all sorts of logic tricks which either mess up all the other animations or do nothing. The logic is based around Boolean variable which detects if character is wall sliding or not. If variable is true it displays wall slide sprite.

Any ideas on overall logic to use or features with in the logic system that may work.