Walljump not working on right wall

I’m using the walljump extention and it was working fine with my placeholder sprite but when I switched to my proper sprite, it suddenly stopped working on the right wall.
(new users can’t attach more than 1 image so just imagine that but the sprite is closer to the wall and in a wall animation on the left wall)
In the image I am holding right towards the wall. The only way I found to make the character cling to the wall is by slashing, changing the animation to slash which allows the character to go really close to the wall. Doing this also allows you to jump off the wall even if you don’t have the walljump ability (I don’t really mind this glitch)

Did you change the whole sprite object from pace holder to proper, or did you just change the animation image?

I replaced the animation

So you deleted the images and added new ones? In which case, did you have any extra points defined on the placeholder animation that you haven’t added to the proper animation?

yes, I deleted the images. There wasn’t really anything special about the placeholder sprite, just one of those gdevelop free sprites

If the image is all that is different, then the only other reason I can see is that something changed in the walljump events.

I tried completely deleting all instances of the advanced jump extention from my project then adding them back and I still can’t walljump on the right wall. Also I figured out the walljumps are occasionally working on specific locations on the right wall but I still can’t wallcling onto it.