Wanna make pop-up menu

hello :slight_smile:

first, am so happy to meet this amazing game making programs!
it’s much easier than any other programs that i used before it’s ture
(i’m perfectly beginner for making games)

but now i have something to solve to make my game
i’m making simple clicker-game
and i wanna make some pop-up menu to do some other actions
for example
if i want to upgrade my characters
then i’m going to click the 'upgrade’menu and there’s some pop-up which includes information of upgrades

i can make scene change but that’s not i’m thinking about.

so any ways to make pop-up ?

You can try to accomplish this by showing and hiding scene layers. Your menu content can go on a layer that is hidden until the user clicks a button to show it via the event sheet / “show layer” action.

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oh i don’t even think about any layer actions… your so genius :slight_smile:
so much thx