Waves or Rounds with Harder Enemies every wave

How do I implement Waves or a Round into my game so like after a certain amount of time the round is over and then more enemies spawn and how do you make it where the enemies continuously spawn and also how do you make it where harder enemies spawn each round

Sorry if this is hard to read

I will give you an example:

First create a scene variable then name it like “difficulty” make sure it’s number type

Next, When the first wave starts also start a scene timer name any name you like

Then add an event

If the timer has reached and passed some time do something …
Here you can increase the difficulty variable
Then you can have events to define at what difficult what enemies will be spawn and how often

and add the most important one event: when The timer reaches specific time
then stop the timer then prevent the enemy spawn maybe set difficult to 0 then define at zero difficult the spawner will no longer spawn enemies to make the end of round feature.

I love the concept. It reminds me of the classic games that flashed the stage number on the screen in between rounds. Like in Galaga. That would be a challenging but fun game to make.

You can use either time or the number of enemies spawned or both depending on the style of game. You could wait until all of the enemies are killed or off screen or use a timer or both. You can then either change the behavior of the enemies like their speed or health/damage or animation or change the objects that get spawned.

what about how much enemies will be spawned

and how do I make it affect the timer text object or add one to make it where you can see it

If the timer is greater than xxxx
Trigger once

Then use repeat then create object, it will be spawned with that amount


You need to create a text object then do the event above to change the text to always equals to timer’s time.

Do I put the Repeat 4 times in the same event as Trigger Once?

Yes, If time has passed your event will be executed once so it will spawn 4 or any number of time that you input.

Put trigger once above then repeat below.

is it supposed to look like this?

Looks like this

This line

Make another event block then place it there with blank condition
if you want to to always show the timer on text object

*Note that you need to change the text between the " " symbol to match with your timer name on the green underline above.

so I change the thing to WaveTimer?

Yes if you named your timer “WaveTimer”