We need a search bar

A realted topic exists for this demand. Go to [Feature under Review] Search bar on “Liluo” to vote and comment for this feature

there is no search bar at all WE NEED A SEARCH BAR exhibit A:


agree, i think it will make searching waay esier


Two questions so I understand why are you asking for a search bar:

  1. What kind of games would you be looking for?

  2. What would you type on the search bar to find those games?

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i think they mean in general(i agree)

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A search bar would be a lot nicer, but we need one that also allows for tags. things like if you add # before the wording, it counts it as a tag, something like #fnaf or #minecraft and show games and stuff related

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GDevelop team, please make a search bar

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Also, make this an actual search bar, not like the garbage one where its just tags and you can’t search the games by name like the one in Mario Maker 2

Thank you for your responses.
I assumed you wanted a search for games in general.

I am curious about what would you type if you were looking for a game.
The reason I am asking is because I want to define the needed scope: if we just add a search bar in which you have to type the name of an existing published game (and you got it wrong or didn’t have the specific game name) you’ll probably get unqualified results -of course we won’t make a search bar that only works with a specific input, that would be cruel but I hope you see what I’m saying-.

Are you searching by type of game (runner, puzzle…) by play mode (mobile, keyboard, mouse…) by “games made by” (authors) or “made with” (extensions, templates…). My question wants to bring more light to that area… a search bar is not just a search bar (since the rules and logic have to be defined by a developper), it has to respond to a user’s intention.

You talked about “genres” (fnaf, minecraft…etc) so I want to know: when you search, what are you generally searching for? (The intention), and how would you search for them (the action, which words would you use)?


in my point of view, I would probably start searching stuff like the games I like to see the recreation of my favorite games, or games I want to revisit :))

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I agree. It could be for anything tagged, like “medieval”, “shmup”, “rts”, “scifi”, etc.