We need UI items in Gdevelop

we need UI things like buttons , spinners , Listviews etc. Its pretty boring to do stuffs with the text object


Can you provide some reference?

Well GDevelop is not an “app maker” but a game engine. There is almost no point to adding this. (What I mean is that this is absolutely not a priority) And for buttons I think there is already an extension for that.

Look on the wiki before asking

It is best to search the forum and wiki before asking any questions.

Nevertheless this functionality request has already been made by the past.
It is not excluded that there may be a feature in this style in the future, but it is not planned at this time.

An extension has been proposed on Github for integrated GD5, but it is not validated and I don’t think it will be for the moment because it requires the creation of objects by the user.
The extensions that have been accepted and included in GD5 are stand-alone and do not require any manual addition of users.

If you want it is available on Github on a 4ian repo, which should be called “Gdevelop extensions”. On the other hand, no one other than his author knows how it works so we won’t be able to help you too much with it.

In a strategy and simulator game and options and settings menu of any game I can imagine the use of list boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, scroll bars…etc
If not the actual objects, some behaviour could be nice to help with the implementation imo :+1:

Regarding, GD is not an “app maker”, it is true GD is focusing on game development, but thanks to the JS events, technically nothing is stopping you from making an app in GD. Width the anchor behavior you could easily make responsive UI in GD and the game engine allow you to do some pretty cool visualisations easily. The only thing is missing to suit even app development is some UI controls.

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The devs are focusing on NEW features, by that I mean features that are IMPOSSIBLE to re create without modifying the source code. Check boxes, radio buttons, lists, you can do all of that already by yourself. GDevelop is MADE for the community to create the functionalities they want. Sure, there is much available out of the box but that doesn’t mean that somebody has to do everything for you. Ok, for things like multiplayer or complex apis or Anything needing JavaScript I understand but for example a check box, where you litteraly only have to either check (change an animation and the value of a variable to for example 1) or uncheck (the same as before but set them to 0), there is little work to do. That is why I don’t think it is a proper Feature Request.

I was only express that I disagree with that statement of yours, UI controls makes no sense because GD is a game engine and not an app maker. That’s a false statement in my opinion :+1:

No point to argue about that what is more important, it is always be different for everyone and always the devs going to win because they implement what they want, don’t need to explain that to me what they implement and why. No need to over complicate it, they do what they do because they find it interesting. It is that simple.


I also miss the UI controls, I think every game has an intro page that needs buttons, and input box for catching player name, and a table for leader board.
by the way this is the link for my button behavior extension:

I don’t know why it is not validated :slight_smile:

Well, they said on the readme that it is longer to create an issue like you than making a pull request.

Your extension need to create object manually for working. Thats why this extension are not yet approved.
Dev think to implement prefabs , for have the possibility to pack multiple object in one .
And maybe this prefab system will be able to generate new object on scenes idk. If you have some ideas dev are open :wink:

This extension only require one object to operate. a sprite or a textbox. no combination in needed.

but bro other engines like godot has those

Your extension need to create object manually for working

can you explain ?

Maybe it is not validated because it’s better to have a built-in object for this feature. Maybe in the future we will have a button object, I’m not sure what’s planned about it.

Nevertheless your extension is usable, do not hesitate to propose it if someone needs it;)

There should be a possibility to install easily extensions that were not approved for that kind of reason. Like a github install option where you type for example “arthuro555/gd-ext-multiplayer” and it loads the extension from this github repository, or even a possibility to add “custom extension repositories” that just are basically forks of the repo with the official extensions and users can put whatever they want inside. But this could also be an issue if it is not implememented correctly and could possibly cause remote code execution (by giving a repo with a malicious formatted file to an user)

It is easy to download and install an extension extérieure.
Download the extension file *.json (here a zip on the Github page, decompress the zip)
In Gdevelop you can follow this wiki page.
There is an “Import extension” button.

Yeah I know but if a user wants to share an extension with another, copy pasting something like a github repo url (“arthuro555/gd-ext-multiplayer”) would be easier and faster. And having alternative extension repos could be also great