weapon list

i have created a file axe.xml with
name axe
attack 10
agility 5
and another sword.xml
name sword
attack 6
agility 8
the questions is:
1 can i load multiple xml files in a folder, in memory?
2 can i load multiple variable, with same name?
3 can i create an array for a list?
4 can i tell to game list the alphabetical order? :smiling_imp:
in end i wan’t create a list weapon menu, i try, if solve, post my idea…

i try with this

 array if is <=800 set to +=1

in read group xml

for load variables in xml, but i have a problem, can i create variables with this metod?
i have use this to load multiple xml variables, but for load variables in program…
for examples 800 variables, for load i do create speedly in program other 800 variables,
but i don’t know if is possible :question: