Weapon reload bar

hello guys i need some help…
I would like to create a dynamic weapon reload bar when the available bullets are finished.
the bar has an indicator and depending on where it is stopped the weapon is reloaded or not.
I am attaching an example photo of what I would like to create but I really don’t know where to start :frowning:


bro, plz check out my video. i think the core mechanic is the same, hopefully it can help you

hello I had already seen your video, I wanted to take inspiration from him. my only problem is that in my game i don’t use the “fire bullet” extension and i don’t know how to replicate some steps… i try to study it and see how it works. thank you so much for your interest!

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then you can create bullets and give force to them to shoot them.
add some "current ammo in the mag " and “max ammo of mag” variables to your weapons

I already have those, just that I should include a bunch of weapons each with different variables. for me it would be enough that when the ammunition in the magazine runs out, this bar is created where, if caught in the center with the marker, the reload animation is played