Weapon selection in main menu

Recently, I’ve been trying to integrate weapon selection in the main menu of my game project. The problem is that I can’t get the weapon’s stat (ammo, fire rate, etc.) to work correctly.
Here are some screenshots for explanation:

In order to determine weapon stat, I use a ton of variables on my “PlayerHand” (the weapon).

As you can see, in the first event, I apply values on the variables of “PlayerHand” for “Weapon 0” (default weapon).
Then, I have “PlayerHand” fire bullet to change values based on the values of the variable in the second.
When I set “PlayerHand” fire bullet behavior to 0 and test it out, things like ammo refill itself happened.


The fire bullet behavior has a lot of stats as you know, so what do you set to 0? But my guess is that the problem is here:

The ‘unlimited ammo’- box is checked by default, did you uncheck it?

Before I want more weapon, I have the unlimited ammo box unchecked to make the player run out of ammo.

Above are the screenshots of my “PlayerHand” fire bullet configuration. The red underlinings would be set to 0 to test the events and variables out.

Alright, did you set the variable MaxAmmo to 0 in your events? If you just change the stats in the behavior menu but then assign different values in your events, the values from your events will be used. Since you have no condition, the max value will be assigned each frame and you get unlimited ammo.