Weapons and dialogues

I want to make a simple platform game, but I want the character to use different weapons, how I can do it? For example: his base weapon are the bare fists, there is a way to pin the sprite of a sword to its hand? (if it would be possible, then the character would use a different attack animation, of course).
And it’s possible to add dialogues with multiple choices with NPCs? And how?

I think that is possible with variables.
When variable “weapons” is 0, Trigger once → do animation “bare knuckle”
When variable “weapons” is 1, Trigger once → do animation “sword”
And variables change when you change your weapon like:
When you push button 1, Trigger once → do variable “weapons” 0
That is the one way to do it I think.

Or you can use different player objects with different weapons which you create everytime you change your weapon.
When you push button 1, Trigger once → do variable “weapons” 0. create object “player with bare knuckles”. Destroy “Other players”

You can use groups where is all the objects of player with different weapons, so you don’t have to do many same events.

Thanks Jubeliuksen3 :slight_smile:

you are welcome! :slight_smile: I think that second opinion works better. That you do different objects which appear when you change weapon

would be great if Icould see it done. I have been trying to do that for two weeks…and nuthin.