Web Build Random Object Hide


Me yesterday I started a new game, but the game will be released on the web which I quoted as point objects on a random basis and goes with it.

Game Image


Tomorrow morning I will publish the game.

So do you need help for something, or did I miss something?:smiley:

Yes, random objects in the game, the system does not work in a Web environment…

So you want those objetcs “one”, “Two” and “three” to spawn random places in the area? Your events looks a little bit confusing if that is what you want.

Yes! That’s exactly what I want.

This works. (scene size 800x600 and objects size 32x32.)

It’s like the screen the result is still the same.

I think the objects appear under that background? So make that background z-order to 0 and objects z-order to 1 when they spawn or delete that background and make the scene color blue. Or do you have background?

Well, is it possible to change them without adding in the room?

Like this. (change background z-order to 0, if you have one.)

I couldn’t do it, the file will be unique to you, I’m shooting.

Your events are working, so I don’t know what might be the problem? Objects appear randomly like you want.

Have the problem of appearing there, I told him to take to the internet when the output does not appear.