Web host for hosting the files

Hi all,

Can I ask you guys where do you put the files to test?

Since you can’t just run the exported HTML5 package, how do you guys test the files?

I searched the forum, some keywords are coming out, like itch.io, kongregate, gamejolt…etc, are these all your choices?

Thank you.

I simply installed Apache httpd on my development machine and run urls like http://localhost/

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Hi @hiran,

Thanks! Never thought that, that did work? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

When I want to test on local network, I also often use Web server for Chrome:

Very light weight and super easy to use, no configuration required. Just install, run, select folder and click host. After that, you can open the project using a web browser on any device connecting to the same network.
Just make sure you have index.html in the root folder that you select.


Hi @ddabrahim,

Thanks! I will give it a try! :kissing_heart:

I was not sure whether the question was real or just a phrase. Yes, the solution works for me. And according to http://www.perfectleads.com/marketshare/apache it is the software behind most websites.

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I always use python. Just install it and then go to the directory you exported to via command line and execute python -m http.server. Then it should host on localhost:8000. Easy fast and simple yet effective.

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got it! thank you~! :wink:

just another program language i want to learn, thank you for your reply ~ ! :grin: