Weighing balls puzzle, voice controlled

Hi all,

I am interested to find a tool, to handle the UI part of the weighing 12 balls riddle (e.g. here and here).

GDevelop seems promising, but I couldn’t easily find some answers to specific questions:

  • Is controlling the objects by JavaScript, be ported to the iOS/Android export?
  • Can the game invoke REST requests to an external server? This is used to handle the scales logic. If not possible, can the logic be entirely in JavaScript inside the game?
  • Is controlling the game by the user voice (using a Speech To Text service, from e.g. Google Cloud) possible? Specially, is there a way to capture/send the user voice to STT and handle the resulting text.

I have programming experience, and would appreicate your feedback. If GDevelop isn’t the ideal tool for this scenario, appreciate hinting about other options.

Thanks a lot.

I’m not the most qualified to answer technicalities, but let’s see…

  • javascript events are compatible with all types of GDevelop exports, if that is your question.
  • “the scales logic”. That weighing logic seems really simple, you don’t need any external server or javascript, GDevelop is enough. Assign instance variables to your balls to determine their weight, then compare whichever balls you want.
  • sound capture is not part of GDevelop. Perhaps javascript can enable such feature. :man_shrugging:
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On all platforms the code is wrapped in a webview so JavaScript should be fully compatible everywhere

Yes you can do http requests. See the network built-in extension.

Yes, but you would loose GDevelops biggest strength, it’s event sheet system. Except if you have a heavy usage of arrays I strongly disrecomend this.

It sure is. That you could have found out with a simple Google search.

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