Weird Collision Stuttering When Two Objects Collide


I am getting some weird Collision Stuttering when my object is up against another using “Separate two objects”
I thought it might be due to a custom hitbox, but it still persists with a default one.
This issue becomes even more visible when I have objects “attached” to the main object as they try to move away.

I have added an example below as well as my collision events.

Edit1: I am using top down movement behavior if that helps.


Seems custom hit box is not properly defined. The narwhal tooth seems separate from body, why?

For testing purposes I am using the default hitbox (rectangle) and (although it happens with a custom shaped one as well)

The horn has nothing to do with this question / issue and is a cosmetic item (no collision).

When I’ve had this problem in the past, it was because of the order that the position update and collision checks were done. Make sure the position update is done before the collision check, and all within the same frame.

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