Weird timer bug

Hi guys! I found what I think is a bug while working on a game. The timer is meant to place a delay before showing the report scene and I use it if either two conditions are met (I’m sorry for not using OR and AND I still don’t know how to use it in GDevelop). The timer works on the first condition marked in red however I found that it won’t work unless I changed the name of the timer for the second condition marked in blue. I tried changing the timer name a lot of times but I found that it never works unless the timer name is not the same as the reference name. Can someone explain why that happens or is this is really a bug? Thanks!

in the second event the timer has other name “heydelay” but initially you named the timer “delay” maybe is for that

yeah the heydelay was initially named delay but it won’t work until I renamed it to heydelay in frustration which made it work for some reason

Other thing i notice is there is no trigger once when you first Reset the timer “delay” so if the time variable is = 16 the timer is reseting all the time and not progressing at all

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regarding that I cropped it out but that condition was linked to another timer which will pause once the variable = 0 happens the variable 16 will never trigger however that is something I have yet to try thanks for the suggestion. For clarity the delay timer will start if either the variable was able to count up to 16 or the other will count down to 0 sorry if it’s unclear.

I don’t think this is a timer bug, @UlisesFreitas pretty much highlighted the flaw in your logic, and it looks like you are going to adapt.
However, I wanted to provide a tip:
If you are going to ever make your timeouts dynamic, i.e. driven off of a variable instead of a hard coded value e.g “Timer ‘delay’ is greater than Variable(delayTimeout)” then make sure you also add an additional conditional to those clauses that checks to ensure the “Variable ‘delayTimeout’ is greater than 0” otherwise the timer will fire all the time.
Just a lesson learned from when I thought I had found a timer bug at one point.


Gotcha! I’ll keep everything in mind thanks for the tips and insights guys.


For other people who are having the same problem the trigger once tip works like a charm. Thank you everyone!