Weld Joints and rotation

Im making a Lockpick Minigame for my game. works bedder then expected so far.
My problen now is, that i cannot weld 2 objects (pick and picktip) together. The weld joint works (or worked) for movement, but when i rotate (the main body), there not connected anymore.
What did i do wrong?

I am also looking for a solution that makes the Pick break, when under too much pressure.
Is there a way i can track the forces that are applied when 2 objects collide?

Example to download:

interesting “Splinter Cell” type puzzle.

did you manage to correct it?

If I understand you well you want to turn pick and pick at the same time but when you rotate something you rotate the sprite in angle 2d not in 3d.

maybe it would be easier to use a changing animation only to pick and interact with the pins when colliding with them.

Another thing I notice is that since you are using multiple colitions, the game slows down especially with mediocre computers like mine. Maybe so many collisions and physics at the same time is pleasing to the eye but the performance drops a lot.

the Performance drop is caused, because most of the objects have the bullet dynamic, to keep accurate track of the collisions. but since i want to have this minigame inside the running scene (realtime lockpicking), it will probaply not stay that way.
And yes, i want to turn the pick in 2D. Like a up/down lever.

And no, i still cant get those together :frowning:

Animation wont do it, because i want to make the pick move realisticly inside the lock and also break, so i have to have accurate collisions.
Joints aperently have “break” options, that why i want to use them over manually placed and fixed hitboxes. And the player should also be able to freely move the pick.
And clipping problems still exist, even if everything is a bullet :unamused:

I understand your point.

have you tried the action without condition
position X and Y of the “any point” of pick1 = pick2 “any point”

I meant this:

But forget it. It doesn’t solve your problem.

Yes, its without conditions.

i dont get to what you refer here. as a seperate action without condition?