What am i doing wrong?

I’m trying to implement a walking cycle to a character but so far all that happens is when a button is clicked the walking animation starts but never stops even when the button is released. The animation is looped but i thought changing the animation would stop it or am i wonrg?

Edit: Of course right after i ask this i figure it out, ill leave it here anyway in case anyone else gets into such a simple yet stupid situation but the problem was the “i” in “Idle” was not capitalized. It would be nice if you could just select the animation from a list rather than having to worry about capitalization lol.

maybe a typo? can´t think of another issue.

Two things:

  1. Never merge actions involving movement/other items and animation changes into the same event. The reason for this is that your animation will reset every frame that the condition is true. Try separating the events into subevents, and add a “trigger once” condition to your animation events.

  2. Your “is released” events are going to conflict. W can be released while S is pressed, so you’re going to run into constant conflicts. I would probably have the “W/S/A/D is released” conditions in a single event. That should avoid any conflicts.

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I did what you said and its after breaking everything, it worked once i changed the typo but separating everything just brought back the original issue of animations never stopping.

So instead i changed the “Key is released” to “Key is pressed invert” and now it works perfectly…

I manged to get movement fixed and in accordance with the stuff you said so you can probably close this topic.
That being said im running into another unrelated issue so do i post a separate topic for it or just use this topic?

Glad you got it working.

In general, if you have a new unrelated issue, you should make a new unrelated topic.

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