What does the Image offset function do for background?

What is Image X Offset function and what does 100*TimeDelta() do to the background?


I clicked on help for this action and takes to a page on the wiki not corresponding.
I guess offset means displaced on the X axis the specified pixels. Don’t know if it refers inside the image or in the screen, just try and let us konw :slight_smile:
TimeDelta() is the time remaining to the screen refresh,I guess is a Random value. So multiplied by 100 it will be the offset applied

I tried using differ figure such as 3000*TimeDelta() but cant really see the difference :grimacing:

For me, it’s more visible with 100000*TimeDelta(). One more 0 and it’s too much.

timedelta() is the time left until screen refresh, probably milliseconds, that’s why it does *100 but really it will be a few pixels, like @Gruk says try 100000 would give some hundreds of pixels

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Great i’ll try that out :blush: