What does this error mean? (screenshot)

I was testing the performance of my desktop game (a real export of the game, so not a preview) on someone else’s computer, and about 30 minutes into the game the screen went black, and the below icon appeared in the topleft corner of the screen. I believe it is a Google Chrome error or something?

I couldn’t control+shift+i so I cannot give you any error log.

Also, the game seemed to go on in the background, I was able to go to the pause menu and back, and keep playing, just the black screen prevented from seeing anything.

I have never experienced this type of crash, or any crash at all on my laptop, so I cannot replicate it. The test computer I used now is much better than mine. On my laptop I experience framedrops when a lot of objects (enemies) are cluttered together, however the test computer played everything smoothly - that is, except for the crash.

This happens when the WebGL context is lost, this means something went wrong with the graphics card or it’s driver. Maybe you tried to draw something too complex, e.g. a A lot of shapes with the shape painter or an insane amount of particles, or maybe your GPU driver needs an update.

Yes, I indeed read about the context_lost_webgl error.

I use particles, but the amount of particles are equal in the beginning as after an half hour, when the crash occured.
Im still playing and testing a bit with graphics, so hopefully this will not become a big issue.